Wolfgang Tillmans: Serpentine Gallery 2010

This paper is meant to underline the visual and historical characteristics of Wolfgang Tillmans photographic artwork named “Ostgut Freischwimmer”, which was an installation in his Serpentine Gallery Exhibition in 2010. The photograph is an example of abstract photography and contemporary fine art. Also state that the paper will compare five other abstract photographs with the “Ostgut Frieschwimmer)
(I will attach a power point to this order that includes the photograph and a lot of useful information for the paper)

Structure for the paper:
Provide Information stating that the paper is meant to underline visual characteristics and historical context for Tillmans abstract photography, specifically the “Ostgut Freischwimmer”, as well as analyze Tillmans objective regarding the creation of the piece. Also state that topics including “Abstract photography”, “Contemporary photography”, and “Fine Art” will be discussed through out the paper.

Second Paragraph: “Wolfgang Tillmans”
Provide all relevant information regarding the life of Wolfgang Tillmans and his photographic career. (Some info is provided in the attached power point).
Third Paragraph: “Serpentine Gallery Exhibition 2010 Background”
Provide information regarding this specific exhibition created by Tillmans. (Info also provide in the attached power point)
Fourth Paragraph: “Ostgut Freischwimmer”
Provide information regarding the main piece this paper is structured around, The “Ostgut Frieschwimmer”, and state information on why it can be regarded as contemporary fine art, how it was created (Without a camera, in a darkroom with light emitting tools). Also add that his objective with the piece was to give form to the generative conditions of photography presented as contemporary fine art. (Info also provide in attached power point)
Fifth Paragraph: “Abstraction and Photography”
Provide a historical background regarding Abstract Photography, and how it was invented during the inception of photography in the 19th century. Provide information on contemporary abstract photography as well.
Sixth paragraph: “Comparisons”
In the attached power point is five other abstract photographs that are meant to be compared with Wolfgang Tillmans abstract photograph the “Ostgut Friechwimmer”. (The photographs as well as information on the photographs are provided in the attached power point)
Seventh Paragraph: “Conclusion”
Conclude the paper by restating that Tillmans “Ostgut Friechwimmer” was created to give form to the generative conditions of photography presented as contemporary fine art, and include information on how the potential for abstract photography is becoming greater and greater with technological advancements, and is beginning to raise question to what can be considered an abstract photograph.