Terms and Conditions

  1. Terminologies

Company: This is the organization that provides you with customized research papers in line with the instructions and terms laid out by the customer

Writer: This is an individual who has entered into partnership with the company to provide quality papers to the client

Customer: This is the individual who makes a request for a specific order to be handled by the writer

Order: This is a request made by the client to have the paper handled by our writers

Order Status: it shows the progress of the order made by the client

Product: This is the final paper delivered by the client

Product Revision: This is the edited paper requested by the paper

Support: These are company employees who have a mandate of assisting our customers

Quality Assurance Department: This a department in an organization with a mandate of ensuring that the best quality papers have been delivered

Verification process: This is a process where the client is required to confirm his/her billing address to avoid fraud

  1. Privacy Policy

The company has a strict policy of ensuring that the privacy of the customer is always enhanced. It hence always avoids sharing or reselling any personal information of the client to third parties. We guarantee that all the online payments are made through secure channels

When filling the order form, the customer is required to input some personal information such as the customer name, phone number, home address and e-mail address. The company only makes use of this information to verify the order and contact the client when necessary.

The company has prohibited any form of communication between the writer and the customer in order to keep the personal information of the customer private. Any communication is done through our support representatives.

Our writers are only able to access an order when the payment has been completed. We strongly discourage our customers to avoid sharing any personal information to the writer on the order information

  1. Nature of the Company

The company provides academic writing services through locating highly qualified writers with a role of providing independent and personalized writing and research services with an aim of guaranteeing maximum customer satisfaction.

The company owns the intellectual property of the materials prepared. The customer has an exclusive right to use the product of 6 months, after which the product reverts back to the company

  1. Order process

When placing an order, it is the responsibility of the client to use valid personal information. Failure to do this will make it impossible to communicate with the customer, and hence may have a negative impact on the order.

The company cannot work on an order before the entire amount has been paid. Discounts will be offered at the discretion of the company

It is the responsibility of the customer to provide clear instructions in relation to the order. This is the only way that he/she will be guaranteed a quality paper.

The company allows our customers to seek a free revision if the initial instructions were not followed. However, any deviation from this will be considered editing, and an extra fee will be charged.

Unless stated otherwise, the writer is allowed to make use any relevant sources including journals, books, online publications and interviews among others.

To ensure that the right quality has been achieved, it is the responsibility of the customer to choose the proper academic level. The customer will assume all liability in case this has not been done.

Customers are requested to check the messaging services, since it is the main mode of communication.

The company has the right to revoke any order if the details provided are inconsistent with the description given in the order.

The company requests customers to keep track of their order so as to monitor their progress in their personal accounts.

The Customer can make a request for a draft from the writer. However, this is not guaranteed for orders of 48 hours or less

Preferred customer: A customer can requested for a preferred writer to be assigned a specific order. However, this happens at a slightly higher price.

  1. Revision Policy

The company offers free revision for orders that may not have met the requirements. Customers are required to make their revision request within a period of 2 weeks or 4 weeks for a dissertation.

The quality assurance mandate, if they deem fit may limit the number of revisions due to: unreasonable return; change in instructions and misuse of revision option.