What is political science?

What is political science?

but you might include in the paper the following related questions:

How does the discipline of political science differ from the practice of politics?

What are the sub-disciplines of political science?

What is your own personal understanding or definition of it?


The paper should be five (5) pages long (not including cover page or bibliography), typed, and double-spaced.  Please use the Chicago Manual of Style.

size 12 font, Times New Roman scrip.


Resources : no less than three references

Please: (be careful for plagiarism)


Other Tips:

  • Avoid contractions in formal papers.
  • “Its” is the possessive of “It”; “It’s” means “It is”.
  • “Their” is a possessive form, “There” means the direction.
  • Do not abuse computer format powers. Fonts should approximate regular type size, do not use justified margins which create large gaps, etc.
  • Avoid abbreviations in the text of formal writing, with the exception of acronyms for technical terms or organization names used repeatedly. When employing acronyms, provide the full name in first use followed by the acronym to be employed in parentheses.  Be consistent with acronyms.  Example:  “The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) faces many challenges… In later years the EPA ….”

Avoid the first person.  Let the writing speak for itself without references to yourself.