Types of Videos for YouTube

  • Watch the video titled “Types of Videos for YouTube”, located here. Next, select a company’s website which contains video(s) and determine the type of the video(s) that the company uses. Then, suggest the improvements that you would make to the video content in order increase the likelihood that the target audience will share the video with others. Note: Include the link of your chosen website in your discussion post.
  • Go to the Notable Users Directory on Instagram located here, and choose a user of your interest.  Note: Click “Follow Link” if you see “Something Went Wrong” message after you clicked the selected user. Next, imagine that you are the brand manager for the selected user and determine the type of information that you would use from the posts in order to guide the public to the user’s new products or services. Recommend a method for the user to promote customer-generated photos in order to better introduce the new products or services to gain more potential targeted market. Note: Include the link of your chosen user in your discussion post.