Why in theory do EU countries need to integrate politically and economically? Illustrate your answer with examples


The important thing to is to make a proposition about the topic and, argue it ? Best to have an introduction that gives a bit of background, makes a proposition (ie be analytical), says what the paper covers and gives the conclusion – 200 words. It is
important to say in your introduction what you are looking at in the paper… so that
the reader knows what’s coming.
You need to restrict what you write about. If you have 3 sections of about 700 ie 3 topics…that’s 2,100 (plus 200 each for intro and conclusion = 2,500 words). Or you can write 4 sections of 550 words and write about 4 aspects of the topic (= 2,200 words)….. but it means you will write less about them – do what works for you. Note that you can’t write everything about everything. It is a good idea to say in the introduction that you could write about several topics but that you are only writing
about a, b, c aspects.
Given you say in the intro what you are writing about, these become your headings.
You say you are going to write about a, b, c…. do that! a, b and c become the
headings for the sections
Use headings/sub-headings – everything you read has headings…. They structure
the paper (and your dissertation). ? I suggested in the lecture that the second section of the essay covers theory, the third covers findings and the fourth section is an assessment of 3 against 2…This format will not apply in all cases. ? If you are used to writing continuous prose…an essay rather than a paper, it means that you will generally not have an introduction which sets out what you are writing
about….. you just go straight into writing about each element of the argument…. Note however that you still really need to have headings for the different sections…
to help structure the paper…
? Conclusion – 200 words – summing up your findings with regard to the proposition
you are writing about ? Please double space your essays before uploading to Canvas. Please also use the titles attached to the question on the cover sheet. It helps us identify the topic of your paper. ? All other rules for essays apply… do not use first person, singular or plural (I/we); do Harvard system referencing properly…. Be analytical… construct an argument; Put
tables and graphs in the text rather than in and appendix. Label them (title above) and give source (below the table or graph). Do not use don’t; isn’t, etc.The important thing is to pick a topic that interests you. You can design your own
question to cover an aspect of the topics that is not covered by the essay questions ….
eg there are any number of topic areas in relation to the Social Europe and Equal opportunities. However, you must seek my approval for this. Send me the question so that I can make sure that it is in the right format.

European Central Bank (ECB; Exchange rate adjustment no longer an option for individual states… causes crisis in member states. In the face of crisis (ie in the case of downturns in the economy) in EZ Member states cannot change interest rates or set exchange rate to enable depreciation of the currency to boost exports….There is also the requirement of the ratio of government deficit to GDP not to exceed 3%; and the ratio of government debt to GDP not to exceed 60%…. these have been exceeded and have resulted in austerity measures being imposed (what are these?) on member states (eg Greece) What has this meant for those member states and for the EU economy.

6. Enterprise/Industrial Policy is essential to the economic development of the EU. Discuss

Underlying this question is the debate about intervention vs laissez faire. Can argue that Enterprise/ industrial policy interferes with the market…in principle the operation of the
market leads to growth. It doesn’t so counter this with a view that to secure growth, firms need to be offered support…Can use the example of cluster theory for ideal type of industrial policy. There is also a need to help people set up businesses. Describe EU Industrial and Enterprise Policy and show how it helps boost growth and jobs. Conclude that help for businesses is essential to economic development. Or disagree with this view. Reverse the argument.
You can focus on Industrial policy alone if you wish.