theoretical approaches to leading organisational change

A literature review critically evaluating the theoretical approaches to leading organisational change that should be covering outcomes 1 and 2: mentioned below

1. Critically evaluate the factors that trigger individual and organisational change and the strategies and approaches available to successfully facilitate and lead a change process
2. Critically assess the role of creative techniques for individual and organisational change facilitation and change leadership.
references and some more details will be uploaded.

there has been added things. i uploaded the new word document “briefing of assignment.” please read it. the teacher basically asked us to write more specifically, since there are many ways of change and instead choose a chapter that we would like and talk about the details of that chapter in regards to change and also relate it to our own experience.( if u have any questions about this part ask me please) so once u choose which chapter u wanna choose email me and ill send u the scans of that specific book chapter but please read the word document urself if my distribution is not good enough.