Tesla Company Analysis

  1. What is the company, what does it do and what is its industry?
  2. What is the company’s business model?  What are the various ways in which it generates revenues?  What are its main expenses?
  3. What does the value chain/web look like?
  4. What is this company overall/broader business strategy? For example, is this company focusing on producing high-end goods at very high-price points and higher margins?  Or does it focus on mass producing lower-end goods, at lower prices and with lower margins?
  5. What does the supply chain look like? Does the company speak about its supply chain strategy in its annual report?  What risks/weaknesses is the company’s supply chain exposed to? (For example, the company relies heavily on commodities and therefore its supply chain is exposed to commodities price fluctuation).  And how does the company mitigate those risks/weaknesses?