Summative Assessment

Summative Assessment

To demonstrate competence in this unit you will need to show that you can design and develop a project plan. Your task is to select an idea, improvement or opportunity that could be applied in a business operation. Describe the business and the project you might initiate. You will need to describe and define the project in context. Explain why such a project would be beneficial. What procedures might you use to ensure that the project was sponsored and supported by the organisation?

Define the project, write a project narrative and develop a project plan, including the processes that would be used to manage financial, technical, human and physical resources.

In developing your project plan, consider:

  1. Who are your project’s stakeholders?
  2. What would your role be in planning and delivering the project?
  3. How would you ensure that your project met organisational objectives?
  4. What resources would you need and how would you source them?
  5. Why should you and how would you consult with team members in the planning stage of the project and throughout the project’s implementation?
  6. How would you monitor the quality of outcomes?
  7. How would you ensure that you met project timelines?
  8. What project management tools would you use and why would they be most useful?
  9. How and why would you delegate roles and tasks?
  10. How would you design and develop risk management and contingency plans and cater for any health and safety issues?
  11. What methods would you use to clarify roles, responsibilities and lines of authority?
  12. Describe in detail how the budget would be prepared and used as a communication and monitoring tool.
  13. Explain the data collection, recordkeeping and reporting processes that would apply to the project.
  14. What legislation would apply to the project and how would you ensure compliance with it?
  15. What are your projects deliverables?
  16. Why should you and how would you review project outcomes and processes?

Your response should also demonstrate that you have undertaken your own research. You are required to provide a bibliography/ reference list for this project.