Structure of local government

Structure of local government

In order to understand the role of government and public sector planning in the shaping of cities, it is first important to have a solid understanding of the structure of local government and political systems in which public sector planning takes place.

Your task for this assignment is to conduct online research to analyze and report the structure of local government within your hometown (either where you are from, or where you live now). When analyzing the government structure that exists, consider the following questions:

 Is there a mayor? If so, how is the mayor elected and what are the powers of the mayoral office?

 Is there a city manager or supervisor? If so, how is this person selected for the position, and what are the powers and responsibilities entrusted to this individual?

 Is there a city council or other governing body? If so, how are city council members elected and what are their primary responsibilities?

 Is there a planning commission, zoning commission, design review board, etc. and if so, what are the responsibilities of these commissions and how are members appointed?

 What other government bodies exist in your hometown that are also directly or indirectly involved in the planning process?

These are just a few of the questions to consider when analyzing and determining the government structure that exists in your hometown.

After you have conducted your research, write an essay that details each of the key components that make up this local government structure in your hometown. In your assessment, also discuss how each level of government is involved in the process of urban planning.