Strategic Alignment

Strategic Alignment

Produce an organizational strategy for a chosen organization/department or functional area with which you are familiar or can gain access to the information which will form for the basis for future project initiatives.

Select an organization:

OR consider using part of an organization


� Select a case study of a public limited company with easily accessible information (such as Google, M&S etc.)


� where you have access to strategic information

� where you are able to collect evidence

Collect information/evidence which will enable you to use the relevant tools to complete the assignment.

You will need to find:

� Information relating to the organisation

� Information relating to the industry

� Macro-environmental information

� Possible future strategic options

� Cost of implementation of options


� Describing the existing organisation or Strategic Business Unit (SBU) you will be focusing on.

� Outline the key strategic drivers of the organisation or SBU

� Critically review with use of reference a range of internal and external strategic analytical tools.

� Applying these strategic analytical tools to audit the existing position in order to analyse, interpret and produce a structured evaluation of the organisational strategic position

� Identifying and developing a range of alternative strategic options through the application of a range of analytical tools

Critique and embed the literature throughout

Structure of the report

Content Page: noting each section and sub section with the appropriate page number

Introduction: provide information on the purpose, content and context of the report.

Main body: key discussion and debate at the focus of the report. It should be separated by headings and sub headings, contain references to demonstrate reading, should be logical, cohesive, points should link fluently.

Conclusions: a synthesis of the key messages and concluding comments related to the report.

Recommendations: Clear, focused, specific and business led recommendations

Reference list: Full reference list of all the citations in the report

Appendices: Additional information which supports the discussions in the main body.


Word count 3000+10%

Included in the word count are:

� Introduction

� Main body

� Conclusion

� Recommendations

� Citations and quotes in the main body of the report

Not included in the word count (but required) are:

� Cover page

� Content page

� Reference list

� Appendices

� Appropriate tables, figures, illustrations, Pictorial images in the main body of the report

� Quotes from interviews and focus groups.