Storytelling, Redefined

Storytelling, Redefined

Please read attached article, ” Storytelling, Redefined,”  and answer the following [2] two questions.  (1 page each)

#1   Interactive advertising has invented its own way for clients to engage consumers called ‘storyscaping’. This is a three dimensional process.  Please define each of the 3 dimensions and give me an example of one of them by linking to an advertisement.

#2  The head of the agency notes in the article, ” “there are so many platforms that you don’t know when the conversation or experience begins. That’s why you need to take storytelling and apply systems thinking.”  What is ‘systems thinking‘ and how can you use this in your upcoming team project.

Then write 2 comments to peers’ responds. ( half page each)

Article and the responds need commenting are attached to this post.