Six-month Merchandise Promotion Plan

Six-month Merchandise Promotion Plan

This term, you will develop a six-month Merchandise Promotion Plan (project details to follow). This plan includes assignments develop over the 10 course period. Some of you would like to continue to represent the company’s researched for the Marketing Plan (FASH206 Marketing for Fashion) otherwise you may select another. For this course, you will serve as the Fashion Director for the company.

You will need to determine a specialty retailer you wish to represent. For this assignment, you will need to conduct in-depth analysis on the organization’s promotion direction, the promotion mix departments (e.g., is there a fashion office, PR, etc.). You will need to include whether the company uses internal or external agencies. To gather this information, you will need to visit the company’s website as well as contact the company directly for the information. For instance, you may locate on the website the name and contact information for the PR department. Try contacting them directly for the organization’s promotion structure.

Prepare your response in a 1 page summary. post this on its own word document. DO NOT POST WITH WEEK3


Now, that you have selected the company for your Promotion Plan and conduct an analysis of the promotional environment. You will need to identify current promotional efforts and special events in place and determine any new initiatives employed by the organization. Based on your findings, determine a theme and/or position for your Merchandising Promotion Plan. For your selection, draft a mission statement for the plan. In addition, please state 3-4 goals and  3 objectives for each goal. Clearly state your vision and goals to support the promotional plan.

Submit your draft in a min. of 1 pages. post this on its own word document. DO NOT POST WITH WEEK2