Singapore’s Urban Green Infrastructure

-Urban Economics Paper highlighting some of Singapore’s Urban Green Infrastructure programs and why it makes the country innovative, with an emphasis on the costs and benefit analysis of Singapore’s innovative water system
– Can use 5 or more sources of book, research papers, articles, etc.
– Use the in-text citation method and bibliographic style adopted in any major economics journal–for instance, American Economic Review or Journal of Political Economy. Be sure to include all authors cited and do not include materials not mentioned in your paper. Be consistent in the use of whatever bibliographic format you adopt.
– State the scope and trajectory of your paper early, within the first page or page and a half.
– Each paragraph should have coherence. It should contain a topic sentence that states the main point. Avoid page-long paragraphs.
– Make clear transitions from issue to issue. Subheadings, more commonly used in longer papers, may be useful.
– For maximum impact, use quotes that underscore or highlight a point, not to relate information that you could state yourself and cite accordingly.
– Provide a summary or conclusion. If appropriate, state your position on the subject–which view you think is more convincing and why.