Service Operation management

Service Operation management

Part 1
Point of view essay. I have uploaded 1 article ‘Singapore Airline Balancing ACT’ and ‘proposal for Pin cargo’ This part should cite industry example (Pin Cargo) where such phenomenon exists, to explain how the concepts and tools learnt from these article can be applied to current work place (Pin Cargo), and how could potentially have an impact on Pin Cargo. (700 words with no reference)

– Part 2 (Case Study)
Please find the article (Co-creation tourism experience research), and provide a mapping of the existing service offering, the open service eco-system, and the service strategy triad dimensions to develop a deep and practical understanding of the service offering in question along with value creation, human capital resource requirements, and associated customer experiences through selection and application of appropriate approaches/tools such as the process mapping, business model canvas, customer journey maps, and designing blueprints of services for ensuring sustainable service business operations. As part of this you will evaluate and analyse the service organisation and its offering and propose a solution to the problem identified in the case study. In this analyses please note any changes that may have occurred in the past 5 years of the business operation, ex. deployment of new technology to deliver services, adoption of new business model, transforming to online services from traditional services ets. Your recommended solution should take a systemic approach and should propose a disruptive business model underpinned by digital transformation, possibly using the business model canvas, if applicable. Subsequently, you will map the underlying service processes using blue print or other relevant process mapping techniques etc. In accessing your information you can refer to the company’s website or any other published information relevant to the assignment. It will also be beneficial to use the available academic literature to establish any industry or sector trends, and have academic robustness in your argument (5pages -1300 words with 10 references)

Part 3 (contemporary issues in Services)
It is clear that we are shifting to a service-based economy. The world’s economy has been under pressure for over five years. Oil prices are at record lows, stock markets are increasingly nervous and volatile, the Chinese and Indian economies are growing, Brexit has its ramifications and in today’s globally interconnected world this has spill-over consequences for everyone else. In response, many large firms have concluded that this is not just another economic cycle. Digital disruption, the loT and big data analytics all mean the rules of the game have changed. Firms are looking for new digitally enabled business models that deliver customized solutions in response. Whether it’s smart health services, smart transport solutions or guaranteeing uptime, availability and output from complex equipment, the underlying themes are the same. Executives are thinking and asking: As a future executive in a service and knowledge economy how will you tackle these challenges:
a. How do we change the nature of our relationship with our customers, ensuring we are a trusted partner for them?
b. How do we innovate our business model, ensuring that we focus on helping customers do their jobs better?
c. How do we exploit digital technologies to enable this transformation?
d. And how do we manage the associated risk and organisational change?
(6 pages – 1650 words with 12 references)

-conclusion for above 3 parts

do not use website address as reference.