500 words should consist of:

1. One paragraph describing what semiotics is, what signs are, and what the commutation test is designed to do, please include quotes and references to help you define these terms (150 words)
I have to find an image – an advert image and change something in the image. I have to draw something to change its meaning. It could be on Paint program,etc. It is very important to draw something, so they can see that something it has been changed!!! I will upload here an attach file for you to see.

2. One paragraph discussing the sings in the original image , how they relate to one another, and how these might relate to wider cultural codes/meanings(200 words)

3. And one paragraph describing what happened to the meaning when one of the signs was substituted or changed to another (150 words).

I have to use one of these: Substitution, transposition, addition, delete.

Please make it as simple as possible because it is very important for me to understand as well. Do not COPY from anywhere, please use your own words otherwise they will find out.

I also have to use references and quotes as you saw but please make it clear for me because i’m struggling with this part. I will upload here the powerpoint slides for you too see and to get an idea.