Self analysis

Self analysis

To complete this assignment you should complete the following self-assessments:
o Career Orientations Inventory (on LOOP)
o ISAC Inventory (on LOOP)
o Jungs Personality Test – You can get this here:
o Learning Styles Indicator- You can get this here:
o Type Dynamics Indicator (Personality)- you can get this here:
o Value-based Indicator of Motivation (what motivates you?)- You can get this here:
o Careers Interest Inventory (What Careers are you interested in?)- You can get this here:
o Leadership Style Inventory (On LOOP)
o Belbin Team Role Types- (On LOOP)
o Conflict Management style inventory- (On LOOP)
I attached all the results
For Belbin Team Role Types this site will give the result more calarification.
You must then prepare a reflection about the self-assessments completed above. This should be written according to the
reflection writing guidelines presented to you previously. Additionally it should include:
1o Brief description of the test
2o Brief description of your result
o Self-analysis
3-?your thoughts/feelings about your result 4- your assumptions before test and now what are your assumptions
Assumptions on Self-Assessment Tests prior to completing them
Post analyses – Changed Opinion Positive or
Post analyses Identified weaknesses of test & researched same
I have read many of the criticisms of the X test..
Competency assessment tests are of limited benefit…De Vries highlights that there are different forms of intelligence and cognitive is just one
5-?your reaction to the results
Do not agree with result. Justify using examples as this could reflect weakness of test or lack of self-awareness or
Agree with result. Provided example/story to explain own ability to relate result to life example

o Evaluate 6- What is your opinion of the test

form 1 to 6 for every self assessment as paragraph for every test .
for the following question and the rest of reflection focus on something that I am good in it ( I have it form the result ) and something that I need to change and develop in it
o Analysis of your learning
Analysis of Your Learning
What did you learn?
What generalisations/conclusions (about your learning) can you draw from the experience?
Use literature to derive understanding

??What did you learn about yourself
??How is doing this test/knowing this about yourself useful to a) your PDP; b) your career plan; c) your job interests
My pdp ( personal develop plan ) and my gool to become leader and have my own business and professor in finance at universiry . now I study master in business administration .
??What generalisations can you draw from all the tests/results
Summary tables/paragraphs that pulls out overarching strengths & opportunities for development- Analysis!
my personality trait of EXXX with low attention to detail impacts me doing assessments such as these which require focus and are detail work Analysis!

What common themes emerge from the test results
What, in summary, do they say about you
What does the theory/research suggest this means about you
Application in Context
What are your career/work goals?
What are the implications of the results of the tests for a) your career goals and b) your
job/work goals or c) your PDP
o You must use literature/research to back-up these conclusions.
Do the results help you understand things you did in the past/how you do things/why you did
certain things and not others
o What theories can explain this new understanding?
o Your understanding of �You�
Does it change anything about how you see yourself- what and why
Does it confirm something about yourself you already knew- explain
o You MUST use examples/stories, about yourself/your life, to explain your points throughout this reflection
o You MUST refer to research or theory to interpret your results and the implications for your career goal and PDP.