Role Playing Case Study

Role Playing Case Study

In this discussion, imagine that your organization or facility is changing from paper medical records to electronic health records. While staying within your assigned role: Registered Nurse

  • Demonstrate how you would participate in this change (e.g., identify your needs, state your concerns and complaints, and describe your specific role in the transformation).
  • Examine the ethical and legal issues that you would identify from the perspective of your role.
  • Describe how you would approach at least one of your identified ethical or legal concerns during this transfer to EHRs.

Put your assigned role in the subject line of your discussion post.

APA format with no less than 350 word count


Discussion 2

Healthcare Systems Around the World

Healthcare systems around the world provide different levels and types of care; funding foreign systems is dramatically different from the United States. Choose a country other than the United States, and research its health care system.

For this discussion, you will provide an overview on your selected country’s health care system.  In your main response, address the following elements including consideration of your answers to the questions below:

  • Describe any foreign healthcare system by answering the following questions:
    • How do the people in the country access health care?
    • How do the citizens of the country pay for the health care?
    • What is the quality of the health care they receive? Are there unique services provided?
    • Describe some of the pros and cons of the system.
  • Identify at least two examples of similarities between your selected country and the U.S. healthcare system.
  • Differentiate between U.S. health care and the health care system of the country you chose by sharing at least two examples of how they are different.

You must use at least two scholarly or government resources besides your textbook in your research and response.
APA format with no less than 350 word count