What is the role of nationalism in the Kurdish conflict with Turkey and the potential for peace?

 What is the role of nationalism in the Kurdish conflict with Turkey and the potential for peace?

The dissertation will mainly talk about the political issues of Kurds in Turkey and their conflict with Turkish Government. Please see the outline of this dissertation topic below to follow the structure appropriately and I am only asking you at the moment to write the introduction and the first chapter.

  • Avoid descriptions without analysis.
  • Use some theories of nationalism from two or three of the following authors (Gellner, Walker Connor, Benedict Anderson, and Anthony D. Smith).
  • The introduction should be around 2000 words and the chapter one should not be less than 1500 words.
  • I will upload one source and that you should use it for introduction and add 7 more of academic journal articles only.



  • Background and history of the conflict. Key events.
  • The Lands of Kurdistan. (who are the Kurds).
  • Arguments?
  • Research questions and Aims (Why it is important).
  • Literature Review.

Note: indicate the structure of the main chapters and offer a broad summary of the main argument(s).

Chapter one:

  • Political instability in modern Turkey and its effects toward the minorities.
  • The period of national consciousness. (growth of nationalism).

Chapter two:

(The rise of Kurdish violent nationalism).

  • The First Nationalist Confrontation of 1974 and the Kurdish Political Movement.
  • The First Insurgency of 1984.
  • The formation of domestic and regional political party. The Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) formed in 1974.
  • The Ceasefire and the Further Withdrawal of Kurds to Iraq.

Chapter three:

(Approximately since 2009).

  • The development of the situation in recent years, and the current state of the conflict with Turkey. (Peace and negotiations).
  • Unsuccessful attempts of parties to the conflict to resolve it. The constant threat of terrorist attacks.

Chapter four:

  • Legal and constitutional changes. (possible solutions).
  • The Abuse of Human Rights and the Plan to Reduce the Conflict.