Risk management issues, concerns and challenges

Risk management issues, concerns and challenges

You will write  organizational audit focusing on common risk management issues, concerns and challenges. The audit should feature an overview of your organization’s current risk management plan including when it was created/updated, what is covered in the plan, areas of concern, common details regarding the organization’s major risk factors, how insurance coverage was reviewed and selected and other details regarding the plan.

OK, let’s try this give your example.   select a company that you would like to work for and really think about the risks involved.   For example.  Let’s say you wanted to be the HR Director for a large bakery.  Think about what it would be like to work in a bakery.  Think about the risks involved and how you would assessment and mitigate those risks.  You might come up with an outline that looks like something like this;

ABC Bakery

1. Summary:  The ABC Bakery employees 200 employees, working 3 shifts around the clock, 7 days per week.

2. Risk Management Strategy:

2.1 Risk Identification

2.1a: Risks include: Moving machinery (mixers), hot surfaces (ovens), slips & falls (liquid on floor), sleep deprivation (night shift workers), etc.

2.2 Risk Responsibilities

2.2a: President/Owner: Overall responsibility for safety and risk management

2.2b: Managers: responsible for their department, work area, staff

2.2c: Employees: responsible for personal safety and safety of fellow staff

2.3 Risk Assessment

2.3a: Mixers: Clothing, dangling necklaces, fingers, etc. could get caught in mixing blades

2.3b: Ovens: Staff could get burned by hot oven surfaces, oven racks, etc.

2.3c: _______________________________

2.4 Risk Response

2.4a: Very small injury (paper cut, scrap, minor burn): First Aid

2.4b: Minor injury (strain/spring, concussion, bruising, etc.) : Go to medical clinic for treatment

2.5c: Serious injury: Call 911

2.5 Risk Mitigation

2.5a: Mixing machines:  Place guards on machines, train staff to use guards

2.5b: Ovens: Make sure staff given gloves, train staff how to work with hot surfaces

2.5c: Slips and Falls: Place anti-slip mats in areas where liquids might be found on floors

2.5d: ___________________________________

2.6 Risk Contingency Planning

2.6a:  What will be done if the building loses power.

2.6b:  What to do in the event of a fire

2.7c:  What if computer systems go down

2.8d: _________________________________

2.7 Tracking and Reporting

2.7a: Use of Cal/OSHA Form 300, 300a

2.7b: Monthly safety meetings

2.9c: _________________________________

3.0 Conclusion

Give an overall statement regarding risks at the bakery.