your research/clinical question using the information from your Annotated Bibliography

Your research/clinical question using the information from your Annotated Bibliography

Write an essay which answers your research/clinical question using the information from your Annotated Bibliography (3 papers) plus information from 7 – 12 additional papers (total papers 10 – 15). (If you realise that some of the papers in your annotated bibliography are a poor choice, please discuss with your tutor about not using the same papers in the second assignment.).
Ensure you use correct English grammar, spelling and sentence construction, and properly reference your paper using the UC APA 6th referencing style.
Your paper should be 1500 words +/- 10% (excluding references) and presented as follows:
Introduction: Write an introduction to your paper, including some background information on the topic (~150 words)
Body: Write 5 – 7 paragraphs answering the research question you devised and citing the 10-15 papers you found and critically appraised. The essay should demonstrate evidence of critical thinking and objectivity and present all aspects of the argument. Including some details of study type, population and main findings is important. (~ 1200 words) Each paragraph should be on a clear sub-topic, or idea. Each paragraph should start with a sentence which introduces what the paragraph should be about. Each paragraph should stay focussed on that idea, and should explore it comprehensively. The very first paragraph after the introduction should introduce the background and context that the specific topic of the essay sits within, and help show the reader why that topic is important. There needs to be logical flow from one idea to the next, all the way to the conclusion, which summarises what each of the paragraphs have explained. Paragraphs need to be made up of a few sentences, and be less than a page long. Make sure you examine the issue/s from different sides and provide evidence to support your arguments and
ideas. Conclusion: What conclusions can be drawn from your appraisal of the literature? This needs to relate directly to your question. (~150 words)