Research design issues; in Grounded theory

Research design issues; in Grounded theory

The essay should focus on an important/critical issue related to your academic or a research project.  The area(s) of discussion and analysis should be on –     research design issues; in Grounded theory


-You should focus on one or two critical issues only and not try to cover many issues at a superficial level. Your essay is about demonstrating your knowledge of a specific issue related to qualitative research methodology.

-The methodology essay will follow the usual structure of an essay e.g.: The title page will be followed by the essay which will contain a clear introduction, body and conclusion. Following the conclusion, a reference list will be presented.  Please make sure you must reference all factual statements and sources to an established convention and standard such as the Harvard System

-While there is room for being innovative, the essay will be marked on your ability to analyse and synthesise the literature e.g.: the adequacy of application, strengths and weaknesses, whether they provide a strong enough foundation on which to base rigorous research. Therefore, do not write a descriptive essay.

-This is a research essay requiring you to search academic journals primarily – not textbooks or non-academic internet sources. You should therefore search the academic journals from online library. If you feel it is appropriate, you may use other journals if you consider the journal article to be a relevant and quality source for your assignment

-A minimum of  (9) journal reference sources  NOT OLD THAN 9 YEARS.