Why is the requirement of public benefit superimposed on the heads of charity

This coursework assessment is designed to enable you to demonstrate your
knowledge and understanding of the law and policy relating to charitable trusts.
As essential preparatory work before attempting the coursework question, you
should acquire a basic knowledge of this topic area by reading the relevant
chapters in your recommended texts and completing the relevant set exercises.
You will then need to undertake independent research in relation to the
question. Analysis of the work that you read and critical evaluation of it are the
keys to gaining the higher marks.
Essay title
“Why is the requirement of public benefit superimposed on the heads of charity?
After all, if such activities as the advancement of religion, the relieving of
poverty and the enhancement of environmental protection are regarded as so
valuable that the law accords them a variety of privileges, what need should
there be of the further requirement that they be for the public benefit?”
J Jaconelli, “Adjudicating on charitable status – a reconsideration of the
elements” – Conv. 2013, 2, 96-112
With reference to the above quotation, critically assess the requirement of public
benefit to achieve charitable status.
Referencing and bibliography
You should reference your work in accordance with the requirements of OSCOLA
and provide a bibliography in the standard OSCOLA format.