Reasons for applying/statement of interest

Reasons for applying/statement of interest

To help differentiate yourself from other applicants, you should use this question to provide additional information about why you have chosen to apply for a course at the University of Cambridge and why you have applied for this course in particular.


My desire to pursue a course in finance at the University of Cambridge stems from my ambition to run our family’s company meritoriously by offering new ideas to the company which will be compatible with the changing economic dynamics and technological advancements. Our family’s company imports medical instruments and sells them to businesses in Taiwan; Taiwan’s economy has been stagnant for the past few years hence negatively affecting the business. Necessity is the mother of invention. Therefore, it becomes imperative for firms’ managers to adjust and transcend with the current economic situation and make the correct decisions to enable the company to survive. I am convinced that taking this course will allow me to in an appropriate time fulfill my desire expand my knowledge of corporate finance and fundamentals of a competitive market. My resolution to apply to study at the University of Cambridge it’s due to the university’s record as one of the best in academic excellence and its capability to empower students with the skills of critical financial analysis. University of Cambridge International standards will enable me to interact with people from different backgrounds and diverse nationalities. Cambridge University has the disposal of world-class faculty in both the economics and business departments that will deliver a high level of expertise in the classroom with their broad understanding of corporate finance through their published works. By relating to people of different backgrounds, I will gain a better perspective on how different cultures operate and consequently experience greater success in global business as a result. Interaction with various people is also important because my family company requires a relationship with a foreign country and hence it will be an additional advantage to understand their different cultures and market operations.

Hence, for these reasons, I perceive this course to be a crucial step in allowing me to attain my goals as a financial manager in our family’s company.

Career goals 200

Use this question to provide information about your intended career goals.

During the summer break after graduating with my B.A. degree, before entering the graduate school, I plan to find an internship experience in the marketing department at a medical instrument company in the U.S. Since most of the products in our family’s company are imported from the U.S., with better understanding of the market, along with real-world sales experience, it will benefit me as I go back to my home country.

After graduating from graduate school, I plan to obtain a job in an international medical instrument company, to gain practical experience of such a company. My aspiration is to make my family’s company a listed company in stock exchange market. Hands-on experience will enable me first-hand familiarity with the culture and operation methods of an international corporation. With knowledge in both economics and finance, it enables me to inspect the economy in different aspects, and gives me a better and holistic view of the business world. As I mentioned earlier, Taiwan’s economy has been stagnant, due to the limited market in Taiwan, to survive, many companies are seeking out market alternatives such as China. With further knowledge in finance and expanding my relationship with people around the world by attending schools at different countries, it strengthens me in business world.

Additional information to support application 200

If there is something that you wanted to include in your application that you feel would benefit your application, but you have not had the opportunity to do so up until this point, provide additional information within this field.

My background in studying economics provided me with an exceptional foundation from which to begin my advanced studies in Finance. To increase my knowledge of diverse areas of finance, I have studied numerous books about financial markets in the world. Also, I have kept myself updated and informed on the current trends in the commercial market through subscription to various media platforms including the Forbes Magazine and the Economist.

Additionally, when I was sixteen, I participated in the Rotary Youth Exchange Program in the U.S. as a student ambassador for a year. I lived in three different traditional homestay families which enabled me to experience regular families’ consumption behaviors. Hence, exposing me to the market dynamics in the U.S. In order to explore different aspects of education in finance, I am participating in the University of California Education Abroad Program, studying at Pompeu Fabra University in the international business economics program for my last quarter, in order to take classes that are not offered at UC Davis. I am also a charter member of marketing group in AIESEC, which is a club that helps young people connect with global internships and volunteer work which has develop my interpersonal skills which are crucial for career development.