Racial Inequality In The Government

Racial Inequality In The Government

Your task for this assignment is to write a paper as if you were a sociologist preparing to conduct sociological research.  You will write about the topic based on previous research articles and present your hypothetical research plan by following the steps below.

First, choose a social phenomenon that you are curious about. A social phenomenon is any measurable thing in the social world.

Some Examples of Social Phenomena:

Social Networking and the Arab Spring

How Age of Mother at Birth Impacts Life Chances for Children

Religion and its Relationship to Political Views

Women in Hip Hop: Their Roles & Portrayals

Second, read at least two academic journal articles and an additional third government source about some aspect of the topic to inform your views.

Important Note: For all articles, you will need to use parenthetical in-text citations and provide a properly formatted Works Cited at the end of your paper. Failure to include either in-text citations or a Works Cited will result in a 50, failure to include both will result in a zero. 

Third, Write a short proposal, Due September 22, 2016 at the end of the day. This proposal should include the answers to the following questions:

  1. What is your specific topic?
  2. What is your research question? (What are you interested in finding out)
  3. What source(s) will you use? (You should provide properly formatted citation.)
  4. What research method do you propose using to “study” your topic?
  5. What sociological theory (Functionalism, Conflict Theory, or Symbolic Interaction) will you use to frame your research?

This proposal will account for 10% of your final paper grade.  You will turn in your proposal electronically through blackboard. It will not be accepted late.

Fourth, write about previous research on the topic and a discussion of your proposed research methods.  Using the prompts on page 2, present the phenomenon using information you have learned in class and, and your article(s) as supporting evidence. Please note this is an essay, not a short answer assignment, so you should format your paragraphs accordingly.  If you do not answer all of the questions below in your paper, you will lose points.

Fifth, be sure to cite your article(s) properly with parenthetical in-text and works cited citations in APA or MLA format. Again, if you do not have a works cited or parenthetical in-text citations, you will get a zero on the paper. A paper with a works cited but no in-text citations, or in-text citations but no works cited, will automatically result in a 50 (or less).