Qatar Rail project

Qatar Rail project Analysis

– Describe the aim of the project and why it is important for Qatar to conduct it linking it to some statistics and to the status of transportation in Qatar. In addition to adding the aim of this paper (What it will be covering)
– Mention how the rail project is linked to Qatar vision of 2030 to achieve sustainability
– Project description: Describe the facilities available in the rail and how it is different than other metros around the world for example: Adopting digital means for booking
– Where it was applied in other countries
? Overview related theory:
(A): Sustainability dimensions: Describe how the project will benefit or help Qatar to achieve sustainability by covering the three dimensions of sustainable development
– Economic
– Social
– Environmental
(B): Resilience concept and how they are related to the three dimensions: introduce the concept of resilience and link it to the project and include the challenges that will be involved with the project such as the infrastructure and how the rail project can be resilience in the harsh weather conditions in Qatar.
? Include what are the long term problems facing the project from expected vulnerabilities
? What would be the role of engineering in increasing resilience (adaptation measures)
? Does interdependency increase or mitigate bottlenecks? (potential effects of vulnerabilities on other infrastructure)
? Where are the single points of failure (Critical pinch points)? What is the increasing effect? And how do you prevent it?
Add a summary for the whole paper with suggestions on how to make this project more sustainable
– Make sure to site every source you used and do in-text citation
– Arrange the references in numeric order and refer back to them in the test with the related number.
– Not less than 10
**Total Words: Between 2500- 3000 words and use pictures if possible