Public Versus Private Organizations

Public Versus Private Organizations

Two assignments attached one page each.  please use references attached only for cited sources.  Word Doc APA format – See rubric attached for what to include to achieve an A


1) Public Versus Private Organizations

What distinguishes a public organization from a private organization?

Drawing on the review of organizational theory in Unit 1, is there a particular theory that fits public and hybrid organizations better than others?

Using the criteria from the theory you identified, cite examples of the following.

  • a clearly public organization.
  • a clearly private organization.
  • an organization that is a combination of private and public (hybrid).

2) How do you perceive the differences in the ways that public and private organizations are managed? Does your perception of public and private organizations change when you review the considerations outlined in Exhibit 3.1 (p. 75–76) of the Rainey text?