Project management MediSys Corp

Project management

  1. Identify main personnel
  2. Identify current problems
  3. Give main personnel project responsibilities
  4. Give main personnel project problems (the problem in this case are organization structure & culture, team building & managing, leadership and technology)
  5. ASK
  6. Are these the right people for the problems
  7. What is the individual doing
  8. What is the individual not doing
  9. Identify problems that were Not predictable
  10. What could be done with these
  11. Identify problems that were predictable
  12. What could be done with these
  13. Re-design the project so that the problem do not occur if re-run
  14. Identify who should be responsible for the current state of the project
  15. Gap analysis against current position and should be position, and decide against continuation of project
  • Practical work is always backed up by referencing

Failure Assessment areas

  1. Scope
  2. Project governance (organization structure and culture)
  3. Planning and schedule
  4. Resources
  5. Risk and issues management
  6. Communications (leadership, team building and managing)
  7. Budget management
  8. Vendor management
  9. Technology