Presidential Leadership in Domestic and Budget Policy-Making

Presidential Leadership in Domestic and Budget Policy-Making

You must compose 6–8 pages that analyze presidential leadership. You must use current Turabian format with 1-inch margins and 12-point Times New Roman font. Include a title page and bibliography. The title page, bibliography, and any appendices used do not count toward the 6–8-page requirement. While your minimum requirement is 5 scholarly sources original to that paper, you must include citations to a sufficient number of appropriate scholarly sources to fully support your assertions and conclusions. Use subheadings throughout you discussion.


In this Research Paper, you must:

1)      State a clear thesis regarding the president’s role in domestic/budget policy-making and provide an example supporting your thesis. The example must be narrow and specific, such as President Obama’s decision not to defend the Defense of Marriage Act.

2)      Explain the role of the president in domestic policy-making to place the example in context.

3)      Describe the example of presidential leadership precisely, including words and deeds.

4)      Evaluate the example of presidential leadership:

  1. a) Constitutionally – analyzing the issue of whether the Constitution authorizes the presidential actions in your example.
  2. b) Philosophically – analyzing the presidential decision in your example to determine what worldview(s) or philosophies likely provided the basis for the decision and evaluating the presidential decision in light of the Judeo-Christian worldview.
  3. c) Qualitatively – analyzing the issue of whether the decision to take the action in your example was a “good” decision (be sure to articulate what criteria are included in your definition of “good”).