What was your pre-purchase, purchase, and post-purchase process?”

During this course you have developed knowledge of consumer behavior. In this assignment you will apply that knowledge to an analysis of the consumer buying decision process. Your focus should be on the specific behaviors consumers engage in and is to be centered around a particular product, service, or other consumer offering (e.g. movie theater, financial/health services, etc.). The maximum length of the presentation is 7 minutes.

Choose either Choice A or Choice B  from the choices below.  Scroll down to see more instructions.

Choice A

“What was your pre-purchase, purchase, and post-purchase process?”

You will gain understanding of consumer behavior relating to a specific buying decision. This could be for a product or a service, as long as it is specific:

  • What is the focus of your interview?
  • What product, service, company, or brand are you inquiring about?
  • What metrics will you use to understand the data and information received from the interview process?
  • What interview questions will be asked and by whom?
  • Who will you interview? Individuals or Families?

After conducting the interviews  analyze what knowledge you have gained in relation to the buying process. Including trends and ideals learned, “aha” moments, and future recommendations. 

Choice B

“So why do customers buy, and when they don’t  buy– why not?

You will apply your knowledge of consumer behavior to solve a marketing strategy problem. This could be for a current employer (of yours or a family member) or a campus organization. You will solve the issues you identify and develop a strategy to increase the the consumers’ buying.

  • An analysis of the current status of the company or organization.
  • A definition of the current marketing strategy problem.
  • Decide upon what you need to learn to move forward and develop a research strategy (interview, survey, etc.).
  • Conduct your research.

Then after conducting your research, provide a summary of your recommendations. These should address the marketing strategy problem, move the company or organization’s marketing forward, and suggest future additional research.

Assignment Guidelines

For this assignment you are responsible for the creation of an original work . Any sources of information that you use in the creation of your original work should be clearly cited following APA guidelines, in order to avoid plagiarism. Your submission is expected to conform to APA Format.

  • Create a Power Point Presentation

Additional notes:

Include a brief introduction to the company and product.

Describe the target market including how several consumer behaviors from the text may operate with this market purchasing and consuming this product.

Report on your survey results.