Evidence should be the supporting element of all advances in practice. For health care professionals it is important for clinical governance that this evidence is disseminated at various levels including locally in your immediate working environment, in the wider context to all relevant professionals in your hospital or practice & nationally & internationally. To be effective in this task the professional requires a variety of effective communication skills.

For this assessment you are required to produce & present a poster for dissemination to your radiography colleagues. The content of your poster should be based on the diagnosis section of assessment component 1 (your case study coursework).


 The Poster should introduce your chosen pathology with a brief aetiology.

 The main body of information should be on effective imaging modalities / procedures for diagnosis.

 *The electronic version of your poster should be formatted for an A1 size.

References should be numerical.

Poster Design should be :

Use of white space /color/ balance of text & graphics/ appropriate text size

Clearly defined sections, logical & explicit

Attractive and high quality visuals used

There is a clear indication of the pathology being investigated

Relevant imaging modalities / procedures included

Critique of advantages / disadvantages & limitations of included modalities / procedures in table

Evidence taken from published studies

Referencing is consistently accurate, no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors

Relevant data included (i.e. sensitivity / specificity)