Partnership Program Pitch for Event Merchandise Line

Partnership Program Pitch for Event Merchandise Line

Develop a multi-partner program involving a retail outlet for some of your event merchandise line. Just choose several articles of merchandise for this partnership program. Be sure to set up the appropriate distribution and communication channels. Be sure to consider how your multi-partner program provides enhanced marketing opportunities as well as brings expanded credibility and a cost-efficient means to gain distribution. Please read the following brief article to assist you with understanding the benefits of a partnership with a retail outlet.

Partnership Brand Marketing—It’s About Distribution Channels by Gregory Pollack  |  

Walk down any supermarket aisle. What do you see? Brands, brands, and more brands. And, individually, each has its own equity—along with consumer appeal, value, unique brand-defining characteristics, and a brand essence that evokes loyalty among target consumers.

The smart marketer uses strategically planned distribution to enhance brand equity. Although gaining new distribution with an alliance partner is less common, it can be extremely powerful. In fact, especially during challenging economic periods, the power of marketing partnerships brings expanded credibility and a cost-efficient means to gain distribution.

Many companies and managers today have mastered and are effectively using promotional programs, which can range from couponing to licensing and merchandising, among others.

However, such marketing tools are often used independently or in more of a silo approach. And it can take a long time to create these programs, especially if another partner brand is included or a promotional overlay is involved—such as an entertainment property: theatrical, DVD, or otherwise.

And today many companies and brands are engaging in “Partnership Marketing,” “Marketing Alliances,” “Strategic Partnerships,” and even “Partnership Brand Marketing” programs. But often they boil down to just promotions, perhaps maybe even on a larger scale.

But the true success of partnership brand marketing lies in its power to open up new and alternative channels of distribution for both the companies and the brands involved.


For this assignment, you will be required to conduct a pitch of your multi-partner program involving event sponsor, a retail outlet for some of your event merchandise line. The length of your pitch completely depends on your audience, but I will set a two-minute limit. The pitch is not supposed to be a formal presentation or give someone all of the information about your multi-partner program involving a retail outlet for some of your event merchandise line. It does have to be attention grabbing, intriguing, and result in the audience wanting more information. Cramming too much into your pitch can be dangerous as you will often lose the attention of your intended target.

This assignment is an attempt to kick start your multi-partner program involving a retail outlet for some of your event merchandise project.

Initial Written Portion

In addition to the two-minute oral pitch you will also be required to submit a one-page write-up of the idea.

  • I expect that this and all assignments will be typed and proper grammar (including complete sentences) will be used.
  • At the top of the write-up, please be sure to include your group names.
  • The final write-up is due at the time of your pitch.

The Pitch

The pitch should roughly consist of the following :

  • The pitch should be a short, simple description of your sponsorship sales proposal idea that your grandmother could understand.
    • You have two-minutes to complete your pitch. You will be stopped if you exceed two-minutes
  • Be sure to include the following components in your pitch:
  1. The Hook- pain point or heart grabber
  2. Brief description of product/service
  3. Brief market description
  4. Brief description of competition
  5. How you are different from other solutions or product offerings
  6. How you will increase awareness to program
  • Further, I will consider the following criteria as I evaluate the pitches: presentation and content.
    • Presentation:

An “A” presentation features the following:

  1. Excellent eye contact with the audience
  2. Excellent flow, smooth throughout the entire pitch
  3. Exhibits evidence of rehearsal
  4. Absence of speech tics (e.g. “ummmmm”, Errrr”)
  5. No nervous laughter, nor awkward body language
  6. Clear speaking voice, loud enough to be heard by me
  7. No offensive speak


  • Content:

An “A” on content features the following:

  1. The pitch contains the six components of a good pitch listed above.
  2. Concept is easy to understand: I can “get it” on first pass.  It doesn’t require a lot of “backstory” or specialized knowledge.
  3. The problem is clearly stated, and the opportunity fits well with the problem.
  4. You clearly identify a potential target market.
  5. Corporate investment requirements are reasonable and at first pass it appears that the initiative could be good for long-term profitability.
  6. You have identified a potential competitive advantage that is at first pass at least reasonably sustainable.
  7. You demonstrate some knowledge of the industry, especially the key drivers of the industry’s profits.
  8. It appears reasonable to assume you can execute the idea.
  9. Demonstrates real innovation.