Parenting influence on education

1. The paper must be argumentative: DO NOT write an informative paper that does not argue for and against a side of a controversial issue. Do not merely explain your topic. Argue for or against something about the topic. If you do not argue in paper four, you will not have met the course requirements and thus cannot pass the course.
2. The paper must be based on scientific principles and observable evidence (facts): A thesis that is argued based on ethical, moral, religious, or political values is unacceptable for the purposes of this class. You can point out these values should they exist for your topic, but you cannot rely on them to make your main argument.

3. The paper must be library/Internet research based: Your final paper will need to contain at least 10 credible sources from databases. At least half the articles so obtained will be from peer-reviewed academic journals. It is okay to include some website articles and books and technical reports, but the bulk of your articles need to originate from periodicals obtained through the article databases.

The sources should be the most recently published ones, unless there is a valid reason for older materials. The timeliness of the information is paramount in science and technology, where even a source published in 2015 may have been invalidated by more recent discoveries. Look for the most recent materials on the controversy.

Even if you already know a lot about your topic, resist the urge to be the only voice heard in the paper. Credit information to sources. That way your reader will know where more information can be found.

4. The paper must be well written: Your writing and organizing tasks are to provide general information (introductory and concluding) and to make connections and transitions within and between paragraphs. Most of your writing will be paraphrases, summaries, and perhaps a limited number of direct quotes from your sources, if the words themselves are memorable or significant. And the “nuts and bolts” of written expression and grammatical rules need to be adhered to, as well.
5. The paper must use American Psychological Association (APA) style for citations and references: Your final paper must incorporate APA style citations and references as specified in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th edition). Do not use any other formatting style, or styles from earlier editions of the APA Manual.