Organizational Policy

Write a 3-4 page paper outlining either an opportunity that you had implementing an organizational policy or being the recipient (client) of an organizational policy being implemented. Please consider the information in lesson two as you write this assignment. If you have not had this experience, please interview someone that you know in an organization who has had either of the two experiences.  Paper must include title page, 3-4 pages of content, reference page. APA format. Paper MUST contain the information listed below. Mininum of 4 peer reviewed sources.

Identify the type of policy that was implemented. Explain the reasons supporting the implementation of the policy.

  • Explain the positives and negatives of the implementation process. This section could include feedback received from the clients using the policy.
  • Identify challenges or successes of the policy being implemented.
  • As a human resources consultant involved in the implementation process, what changes or different strategies would you recommend to the implementation process.