Organisation’s health & safety policy

1. Describe one area of work or business process. Which quality tools would be appropriate to support this process? 2. Propose a new quality system for one area of work: a) propose quality standards for the chosen area b)show how quality will be monitored, and what will be done with the resulting data c) Describe how you see the new system being part of an organisation-wide system. Outline any features that should be in place in order to make it effective in a quality culture. 3. For the same area of work design a new risk assessment system: a) describe the role that this should play in an organisational health & safety planning. b) What changes to organisational policy would be needed in order to implement your system? c) Show that your risk assessment system meets the needs of current legislation and specify what will happen to the data collected. d) Review the organisation’s health & safety policy and procedures to ensure that they comply with appropriate legislation and regulations specifically applicable to that workplace