Nursing Leadership in Health Care Organization

What specific knowledge of the healthcare environment and leadership skills that you gained through this experience will be most important as you take on your future nurse-executive role? Describe a concrete way in which you anticipate using these skills and knowledge.
How will you use the concepts in this course to identify, guide and evaluate your final MSN practicum project?
As we begin this week’s lesson, we will reflect on the course content over the last 7 weeks, with a specific focus on quality of care and share and discuss the executive-summary assignment you completed and submitted last week. Your peers will post their executive-summary assignments to seek peer input and feedback.
Quality of Care
Over the last 7 weeks of the course, we have become familiar with various aspects of the nursing-administrator, or nursing-executive role and various influences that affect aspects of the role and outcomes. Decision making and problem solving occurs on a daily basis as a nurse leader. Being self-aware of your strengths and areas of opportunity can be helpful to grow and become a better leader. As we discussed throughout the course, a transformational-leadership style can provide many benefits to the organization. Using the vision and mission statement for the organization is vital to assist in planning strategic goals for the organization and your individual area.
Empowering members of the team to harness their talents and creativity is one way to encourage their individual growth and growth for the organization. A team’s culture, collaboration, and motivation can have a direct effect on the outcomes of an organization, which can influence the quality of care (Marquis & Huston, 2015).
As the nurse leader, choosing a nurse-practice model that is a good match for your organization’s mission, vision, and goals can help facilitate the various outcome measures required by internal and external forces. Many of these forces focus on quality of care and other areas of improvement.