Mumps – case study presentation and briefing paper

Mumps – case study presentation and briefing paper


Select a local government of your choice in Western Australia.

You are employed as an Environmental Health Officer by this local government. There has been an outbreak of mumps in children in this area. You have administered a questionnaire and have traced the likely source of infection to unvaccinated children. You are aware that a strong anti-vaccination group is operating in the area. You decide to hold a Community Seminar to address the issue. You also decide to prepare a briefing paper to keep your Chief Executive Officer informed.

Briefing Paper

Create a professional summary document including:

  • identification of the local government you have selected
  • demographics of area; age, income, at-risk groups
  • description of mumps
  • current disease statistics
  • notification requirements
  • control of disease and exclusion requirements for cases
  • justification for holding a community seminar

Use a range of reference sources to support your argument.


Prepare a 5 minute video presentation suitable for the community you have identified, include;

  • A description of mumps
  • Local disease statistics
  • An explanation of herd immunity
  • The vaccination schedule
  • Common community concerns regarding vaccination


The presentation should aim to be informative and persuasive without being judgemental. Tailor the presentation to suit the key demographics of your chosen local government area.