Marks and Spencer Internal Analysis

Marks and Spencer Internal Analysis

1.      Introduction 150 words
¥  the share price of the company, from time frame 1 year
Insert graph, comment and analyse price change

2.     Internal analysis
Conduct an Internal Analysis of the organisation. You could look at the following factors:

-Objectives, mission, and Vision

– Business Legal Structure

– Organisational Structure

– Business Culture

– Financial Performance (Debt, Profit, and Revenues)
3.     External analysis :
analysis the biggest market
minimum 3 marco factors
example: trump effect, unemployment, interest rates

Identify the biggest market for this brand and conduct an analysis of the External Macroeconomic factors affecting it. This should be supported with data, graphs, charts and explained in the report.

4.     Financial performance: ONE paragraph
¥ Debts of the business
¥ Profits of the business
¥ Revenues of the business

Based on the results of your analysis you need to highlight the risks (critical issues) that could face the organisation now and in the future.

5.     Put a recommendation solution, in your opinion that can improve the company
Come up with realistic recommendations to improve or sustain performance.

?You need to include appendix pages that include a list of the financial statements of the company which are usually found in the Annual report of the organisation and that can be downloaded from its website.

? You should also include a list of References that are used to collect information; all the referencing should be done according to the Harvard referencing system.