Marketing Plan for an airline organisation to enter a new route.

Marketing Plan for an airline organisation to enter a new route.
As the final assignment for this module, you are required to write a Marketing Plan for an
existing airline organisation to enter a NEW ROUTE in one Asian Country (e.g British Airways
in Mongolia).
This assignment should be presented in a standard marketing plan format of 3,000 words
and submitted for assessment through the usual channels.
Key Criteria (to be covered within the Marketing plan)
Situation Analysis
Demonstrating and evidencing understanding of macro?, micro? and internal
Marketing Objectives
Explaining use of information and knowledge in order to set and achieve the
Marketing objectives (must be written in SMART format)
Marketing Strategies
Segmentation, Targeting and PositioningMarket Entry and Gap Analysis (why will we enter this country)
Marketing Programmes
Providing a rationale for the implementation of specific marketing activities in
relation to the full marketing strategies and mix (7 Ps for example explaining Pricing
strategy such as penetration pricing, etc)
Marketing and Advertising Budget
Control and Evaluation
Implementing a series of appropriate measurements (metrics) at relevant points
within the plan
Recommendations and Conclusions
Providing a coherent set of statements to synthesise key learning outcomes
Please ensure that you make use of relevant marketing textbooks, up to date journal