Marketing communication

Media planning Report

In facing the new season early next year, Top Juice plans to run a new campaign from January 2017. To launch some new fresh juice and salad options for the new season from January 2017 and continue growing the number of patronage in Sydney and Melbourne. Budget – AUD $500,000 or equivalent, 6 months from January to June, 2017. To design a media planning report to effectively reach their target audience.

Report structure: (follow the structure steps to complete the report)

  1. Brief introduction of target audience of TOP Juice (one paragraph)
  2. Media strategy (IMC tools)                    (one  page )

 IMC tools: advertising, PR, direct marketing, sales promotion,

  • objective
  • justification (provide examples)
  1. Media strategy execution: (one and half page)

Eg: Media class, e.g., TV vs. print vs. Internet;

Media subclass, e.g., newspaper vs. magazine

Specific vehicle, e.g., which newspaper or magazine

  • Medium justification (provide examples)
  • Medium weight




  1. Budget management and action plan with timeline (half page)