Marketing characteristics associated with product life cycle

Marketing characteristics associated with product life cycle

Products tend to go through certain stages during their life on the market. There are particular marketing characteristics associated with each stage of this cycle. Identify products that best represent each particular stage. Support your selection with evidence characteristic of that particular stage.

Identify current products that are on the market today and discuss the following

Select separate products as an example of each of the stages of the Product Life Cycle concept.

Provide evidence to support your position. Identify the marketing characteristics that are present for that particular life cycle stage with the product you selected.

Please don’t use iPhones, DVD, or the PlayStation.

Be sure to provide supporting evidence for your statements

Write your initial response in a minimum of 200–300 words. Apply a standard business writing style (headers/ sub heads/ bullets) to your work but be sure to cite your work in the APA format. Try and reference from  Marketing: An Introduction, 12th Edition.