Managing quality in health and social care

Managing quality in health and social care

As a Health and Social care worker employed in a Local Authority facility in West London you are required to have an understanding of strategies for achieving and improving quality in health and social care services within the community in which you work. Your organisation has recently encountered frequent protest by staff, family members at their facility due to the low quality of care provided. This was as a result of a series of outbreaks of infectious diseases which have seriously affected the quality of services, and for which a solution is required. Your senior manager, in a bid to find comprehensive solution to the problems facing the organisation as outlined has asked you and other colleagues to make written contributions by answering the questions following. The manager will collate and analyse the answers in the hope that these will provide a variety of insights that will ultimately help to solve the problems.

Case Scenario:

There has recently been the spread of infectious diseases, suspected to be linked to MethicillinResistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), within the facility where you work for the care of elderly residents. A large number of the clients, many of whom are susceptible to infection, share eating and living accommodation. Infections constitute a major cause of illness among care home residents which often result in an increase hospital admission rate; it is therefore very important to tackle such infections as quickly and efficiently as possible. Some healthcare-associated infections are resistant to antibiotics and this situation has generated high media attention, while the residents, their families and relatives, as well as local residents have all been very alarmed. Incidentally everyone seems to have an opinion and ‘solution’ to the problem.

General prevailing conditions: This case under consideration is happening at a period of economic recession when funding from the Local Authorities have been slashed and health and social care service providers are advised to re-evaluate and wherever possible redesign their strategies, approaches and systems for services delivery. Such changes have to be done with a view to improving service quality, the reduction in funding notwithstanding
The main focus of your discussions throughout the assignment must be on Managing Quality and should relate primarily to the case study while exploring wider issues relating to Managing Quality.

Task 2: LO2 – Understand strategies for achieving quality in health and social care services

(Recommended word limit maximum up to 1000 words)

Produce a journal article to answer the following questions: 2.1 Explain the standards that exist in health and social care for measuring quality, especially in residential care facilities

Highlight or bold each standard and explain:
National minimum standards
Bench Mark
Key performance indicator
code of practice
NHS Constitution
CQC and NICE Standard

First explain then in a different paragraph link your explanation to case scenario
please use one or two of THE STANDARDS give brief practical example of how its used in measuring quality in a residential home.

[P2.1] 2.2 Evaluate different approaches, to implementing quality systems [P2.2, D1]

Please evaluate the approaches below
1.Planning :strategic plan, tactical plan, operational plan
2, Organising
6 Target Setting
7Policies and Procedures

First evaluate then in a different paragraph link to case scenario

2.3 Analyse potential barriers to delivery of quality health and social care services in the case study organisation [P2.3, M3]

1, Dealing with a wide variety of clients
2.Provision of multiple services
3.Failure of Partnership working
4Legislation and Policies
5 organisational structure and Culture
6.lack of Expertise
7, lack of Facilities