IT Management Plan on The United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

IT Management Plan on The United States Department of Veterans Affairs.
*Note that the outline is due 30 November*
Project has multiple due dates.

This course consists of a major deliverable, the IT Managment Plan. There will be incremental deliverables in the following modules:
1.4 – Discussion: IT Management Plan Topic (This is complete)
2.5 – IT Management Plan: Outline (Due Wednesday 30 November)
4.4 – IT Management Plan: First Draft (Due Wednesday 14 December)
7.4 – IT Management Plan: Draft Submission (Due Wednesday 11 January)
8.3 – IT Management Plan: Storyboard (Due Wednesday 18 January)
9.2 – IT Management Plan Presentation – (Due Tuesday 19 January)
9.3 – IT Management Plan: Final Submission (Due Wednesday 25 January)


Using current APA format and the IT Management Plan Sample, (Links to an external site.) you will build on this plan throughout each module and submit the final IT Management Plan in Module 9. The final elements to be included in the plan are at a minimum the following categories:
1.Statement of business direction
2.Strategic model/matrix
3.Enterprise data management strategy
4.Mobile strategy
5.Cybersecurity and Compliance strategy
6.E-Business/E-Commerce strategy
7.Data recovery strategy
8.Data visualization strategy

Storyboard (Due Wednesday 18 January)

Present a visualization of your final IT Management Plan. You will create a storyboard to design and organize your presentation content. The presentation will convince executive level staff of your strategies for managing and governing various aspects of IT.
The final presentation will consist of a video with audio narration, background music with text narration, transitions, and graphics to support your decisions based on your analysis of the data. The content should be presented in a compelling and informative manner that captures the attention of the viewer. There are several tools you may want to use in creating this video. You may start with PowerPoint slides and import them into a video and then add narration or text or you may want to use Prezi. Ultimately, you will end up with a video format for your final submission, which will be submitted as a video file or published to an online location, such as Vimeo or YouTube. Video software that you may want to use could be iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Audacity, or Kaltura. These are just a few that may be available for your use. This is an opportunity for you to be creative, professional, and persuasive.


For citations and referencing, only half a page of quoting is allowed. A note on quoting: Contrary to what many people believe, quoting your sources is not the most desirable form of scholarly support. This is because quoting a source does not clearly show that you understand what that source is saying. While there are situations where you may want to use the exact words as the original author, in most cases your interest is in the ideas and arguments which support them. It is considered bad form in scholarly writing to string together quote after quote with only a few connecting words in between.

The criteria established are minimum requirements for this research paper. More information can be added as long as it is approved by the instructor. Points will be deducted if the paper does not comply.