Literature review

Literature review

What are the expectations and how is it different from the original proposal?

The Introduction, Literature Review and Methodology assignment is much more in depth than the proposal. It should represent the first part of the final project. I have pointed out some of the gaps or improvement opportunities in the proposal. I expect you fill these gaps and address those improvement opportunities when you are finished with this part of the final report. Here are more suggestions to clarify how this assignment will be significantly improved from the proposal:

The introduction must now offer more insight into the importance of the project and validation for the project, and span between 1 1/2 to 2 pages in length.

The literature review for the proposal was based on four or five academic articles, but the literature for project report should be based on a minimum of 10 articles.

The methodology section should now have more depth. You should now have a clearer idea of how you are going to collect the data and the new methodology should tell the reader what that data collection method will be, why you chose it, what your population is, what your sample size will be and what type of sampling procedure you will use. Therefore, update the methodology to show what you actually did, and include information such as how many surveys were returned or the number of interviews.

You should also be able to discuss how you will analyze the data.

Hence, while  the proposal was five to six pages, the Introduction, Literature Review and Methodology assignment should be between eight and 10 pages excluding references or appendix. In the appendix should be include you survey, interview questionnaire etc.