Legal/Ethical Issues in the Computing Industry

You must choose a legal and/or ethical topic relating to the computing industry and write a report that discusses the issues that surround that topic, presenting different perspectives on the subject and building towards a conclusion that reflects upon the merits of the perspectives you have discussed. You should also reflect on how the issue you have examined will impact upon your professional practice and how your conclusions will inform your conduct as a professional when you embark on a career in the computing industry.

Potential topics that you might choose include (but are by no means limited to): privacy in the digital world, safety of young people on the internet** (massage to writer: I would like to choose this), freedom of speech and social media, data protection and security, intellectual property, video game content, etc. It is important that you choose a single area to focus on in order to produce a report that gives an in-depth analysis of the topic, rather than a broad and potentially vague overview of a number of issues.
and Also can you choose Academic books and read it to put reference in-text and out-text that relating to the topic of my project.