Kuwait Liberalism

Kuwait Liberalism

answer the following questions each in 1, 2 or 3 paragraphs and use bullet points to mark each main or supporting argument

1- what is liberalism/political liberalism

2- How did Liberalism begin

3- how did liberalism become popular

4- What did Liberalism contribute to the world and humanity

5- is liberalism against religion ( forecast that liberalism thinks of religion as a private matter that should be away from public institutions and life such as schools politics etc) show that liberalism supports separation of religion and state but is not against people having personal believes

6- why is separating religion and state useful and insures more justice and equality

7- how did liberalism protect religious freedom

8- why is liberalism often hated and attacked by religious, theocratic and totalitarian societies

9- why do they undermine and downplay liberalism

10- why do they hate liberalism try to stop it from spreading

11- why is liberalism the best option we have for now ( why is liberalism more effective then anything else )

12- how to spread liberalism

13- what will liberalism give to society

14- how does liberalism help progress and develop countries and societies

15- briefly talk about political liberalism, social liberalism and economic liberalism

make most arguments in favor of liberalism