International Fashion Business

International Fashion Business

This brief will allow you to apply the learning from the coursework 1 to develop a negotiated brief in line with your own specialism.

You will investigate approaches that build effective business strategies, examine organizational behaviour and analyse financial information.

You will include a critical evaluation of methods of collaboration, managing change, project management, and the measurement of success.

Summative Assessment 2:

Individual Planning Report Negotiated outcome 3000 words or equivalent

 AttentionThe Business i choose is Burberry

Using the tools for analysis developed in CW1 you will construct a report on an international apparel business of your choice Burberry(negotiated with your tutor). You will develop a case study on this business and apply the performance measurement tools to your research. You will also prepare recommendations for improvement. Your evaluation and recommendations should include:

Communication strategies

Creative problem solving

Performance measurement

Management structure

Organizational structure

Operational structure

Project development

Financial analysis & reporting

Using a range of performance measurement tools and strategies for the development of organizational structure you will construct a report relating to you specialist area of research.

The assignment should be written in English and professionally presented using the following guidelines:

The assignment should be presented using the appropriate media on single sides of A4 paper. Typed material should be in a double-sided, 12-point font, Such as Arial.

Spelling and grammar should be checked before submission.

Pages should be numbered throughout.

You must print off your own Coursework Cover Sheet, which must be attached to the front of your report.

The assignment should be concise and adhere to the prescribed word limit.

The report must contain sections that address the issues outlined below.

Harvard referencing in accordance with MMU guidelines must be used in all submitted coursework. Please see for guidance. You must also be aware of the need to conform to these guidelines so as to avoid plagiarism.