Integration of behavioral health assessment in primary care to transform clinical quality care

A literature review of peer-reviewed publications was conducted using Google Scholar, PubMed, Science Direct, BioMedLib Search Engine, and ASU Library and Research databases. The preliminary terms used to search articles were behavioral health, primary care, clinical decision support tools, Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), ___________. Key review articles and method articles were identified and selected for finer literature searches. Use of MeSH terms, combination of various keywords, and pearl growing search strategy were implemented during this literature review process. Author considered various types of articles such as review, case reports, and special journal sections. After carefully reviewing around 125 articles, 35 of them were finally selected for this study (Work In Progress).


You need to structure an argument that leads into the need for assessment tools for primary care practitioners. You need to expand on these ideas. This is very minimal. Each sentence needs to be referenced. The objective is to lead us to the argument that there is a need to integrate elements of mental health into medical care. But you need to develop an argument. Its appropriate to surface issues related to EHRs, but this is very general and superficial.