The Impact of The pound falling on the household

The Impact of The pound falling on the household

The report will be an individual piece of work which enables students to put into practice elements of their proposals and importantly show their ability and understanding of both qualitative and quantitative analysis. The report is designed to encourage students to work and undertake analysis independently. The length of the report should be a maximum of 2000 words plus appendix.


2.2.1 Summary Details of Report

Second assessment is a report. The focus of this report is the analysis of data.

Report is based on the proposal

Individuals undertake a thorough analysis of data that they gather

  • Through questionnaires and/or secondary source quantitative data for section 2.0
  • Interviews or primary/secondary source qualitative data for section 3.0.

NB – The analysis in both sections should utilise the theory they identified in the proposal to help examine and understand the data and findings.


2.2.3 Structure of Report (sub sections indicate what must be included)

Title Page

Contents Page (not included in word count)

Executive Summary (not included in word count)

  • Introduction
    1. Summarise the proposal and introduce what is being analysed
    2. State Question and Objectives
    3. State Hypothesis to be tested in section 2.0


  • Quantitative Analysis
    1. Present and discuss general findings of questionnaire and/or secondary quantitative data – pie charts/tables
    2. Use business theory to understand and analyse quantitative data
    3. Analyse data, for hypothesis using statistical tool e.g. Chi Square or t-test


  • Qualitative Analysis
    1. Present and discuss general findings/data – likely to be quotes from primary or secondary sources.
    2. Use/apply academic business theory/framework to analyse and understand the data and findings.


  • Conclusion 
    1. What are your findings?
    2. Where the objectives met and if so what has been learnt.

5.0 References (not included in word count)

6.0 Appendix (not included in word count)

  1. Should include a blank version of the questionnaire
  2. Cannot include analysis discussion but can include definitions, tables of data, summaries of data, spreadsheet analysis.