Human Resources

Human Resources

In a five (5) minute interview, you will be asked questions relating to ONE (1) of the following HR areas.

o Employee Life Cycle

o Job Analysis & Design

o Talent Development & Retention

  1. You will be asked to talk about only one of these areas in the interview, for approximately 5 minutes.
  2. To prepare for the interview, you should write a background fact sheet for each of the topics. The recommended length of each fact sheet is one page.
  3. Your background fact sheet can be written in a report style with headings and bullet points.
  4. Remember to use correct in-text citations and referencing as per the ICMS Style Guide (2016).
  5. These background fact sheets should be saved as one document, with a reference list at the end and submitted through Turnitin either on or before the date specified above.
  1. Your background fact sheets must also be handed in as a hard copy to the interviewer at the time of the assessment.
  2. You will then be asked questions, in the style of a job interview, on one (1) of the above topics (as chosen by the interviewer at the time of the assessment).