Human Resource Management: Employment Relations

Human Resource Management: Employment Relations

1.1.1. You are required to investigate a business of your choice and select a work area that you are

familiar with where an improvement in human resources is required. This could be at the

place where you have done full or part time work. If you have not worked in any business

then choose a case example such as McDonalds or so.

1.1.2. You activity must define the worker functions, the purpose and gaols of the work unit, the

tasks and staff involved. It must stress the importance of the successful completion of the

task in acceptable timelines. Eg if the work area is sales and the tasks is to improve sales for

the next 6 months – plot out the requirements that a worker must take to reach those KPI –

may be a training, sales calls, follow up customers and such.

1.1.3. What types of HR policies would you as HR manager put in place to achieve better results from

your team of members. Ex Suppose you want to meet a target of a million sales in a month –

what drivers would you as an HR manager put in place?

1.1.4. This activity requires the you as a HR manager will provide suggestions on how you will

improve team performance. It should include suggestions such as:

1. Methods and means of rewarding team members to encourage them towards performance


2. Methods and processes of providing continuous positive and constructive feedback and

ways to avoid negative feedback and conflict.

3. Ways of improving the coaching, training and support services to help team members who

have difficulties in doing their tasks

4. Ways of counselling and disciplining team members who fail to meet task goals,

commitment, quality and deadline in accordance with organizational and legal guidelines.

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Assessment Activity Task 2

In what follows, Australian law is discussed in general terms. This law differs from

state to state in Australia, and is different from the laws of other countries. What are

the equal opportunity laws which prevail in your state/country?

Assessment Activity Task 3

Think of a simple task such as making a pot of tea or changing a tyre. List all the

activities involved in doing that task. Don’t be surprised if you count fifty or more

actions! This exercise will give you an idea of the complexities actually involved in

what may seem to be a very simple task.

Assessment Activity Task 4

Think of a job you’re familiar with – one you’ve done yourself or that a close associate

has or had – and draw up a job description and person specification for that job.

Assessment Activity Task 5

List the advantages and disadvantages of recruiting internally and externally.

Assessment Activity Task 6

Write a job advertisement for a position of your choice to which you wish to attract a

wide pool of applicants including women, people with disabilities and/or people from

a range of cultural and ethnic/racial backgrounds. Indicate where and how you would

envisage advertising the position, and for how long.

Assessment Activity Task 7

Think about your first job. Were you effectively inducted into the organisation? What

could have been done better? What, if any, were the consequences of poor or

incomplete induction? If you have never had a job, think about the things you would

need to know before actually starting the job and the probable impact if they weren’t


Assessment Activity Task 8

Performance management links closely with a number of HRM functions that we have

already covered or will cover, including:

 HR Planning

 Job analysis

 Training and development

 Remuneration

Explore these functions.

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Assessment Activity Task 9

Performance management links closely with a number of HRM functions that we have

already covered or will cover, including:

 HR Planning

 Job analysis

 Training and development

 Remuneration

Explore these functions.

Assessment Activity Task 10

List the types of situations where you believe employee counselling could help resolve

a problem at work. Use your own experience or that of people you know to assist your


Assessment Activity Task 11

1. A) Select a job that you are interested in using the “CareerOne” or “” websites.

b) Use the information provided to write a job description and a job specification for this job

c) Write a one page application letter to the HR manager stating why you would like to work

for the company and why you feel you qualify for this job

d) Prepare a resume that lists down all your qualifications, special skills, and qualities to sow

that you are the right person for this job.

Assessment Activity Task 12

Discuss why Training and Development plays an important role in success of a company such

as Apple Computer or Qantas. Provide examples of the types of training they need to

provide to their existing and new staff and explain why they need to provide such training.

Use the internet to research on an Australian company and find out about its training and

development objectives and policies, annual budget for training, types of training programs

they provide to staff and the training methods they use. (Please do your referencing to show

where you obtain the information from.)

Assessment Activity Task 13

Q13.1. Why do companies have to provide training and development to their employees?

What are some of the reasons, benefits (to the company and the employees) and

advantages of doing that?

Q13. 2. Find any 2 companies and examine the types of training and development

programmes they have for their employees. Discuss 2 training methods that they use and

explain the advantages of using these methods.

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Part 2 – Note this subject has 2 units included:

Assessment Activity 1:

Research an organization of your choice and determine the staff

requirements now and in the future. E.g. McDonald – what current and

future staff does this organization require in order to operate


Take a position identified above; research the essential and desirable

performance criteria for this specific position. This should include the

knowledge, skills, qualifications, experience and training requirements.

Discuss the different criteria that are needed for this position with a

store manager or someone on a similar position. Describe this job as

clearly as possible and explain what kind of person would best qualify

for this job.

Your answer should not exceed 600 words.

Your answer should include an advertisement in which you want to

advertise this position in a local newspaper stating the job description

and job specification and other essential criteria.

Hand in all written and evidence as part of this assessment.

Assessment Activity 2:

1. Draw a flowchart showing all the major steps you would take in

the selection process. Explain the actions taken in each of the


2. Select a particular job. Draw a list of selection criteria you would

use to determine the successful candidate for that job.

3. Discuss or write the type(s) of interviews that are common in a

work place. You need to list the reasons why this type(s) of

interview(s) is used at your work place.

4. Discuss or write the interview process and strategy that is used

by the above company.

5. In groups of 4 perform a simulated interview using a list of

prepared questions. Provide written feedback to candidates.

6. Keep all records.